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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Legend of the Five Rings?

Legend of the Five Rings is a game environment that includes the premiere interactive Collectible Card Game (CCG), a Role Playing Game (RPG) and other game products. Set in the mythical land of Rokugan, inspired by feudal Asia, it puts you in the role of a prominent samurai of one of the nine Great Clans, serving your family and the Emperor in order to bring glory to the Emerald Empire....

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What are these So-Called Clans?

The Clans are the primary factions within Rokugan. There are nine Great Clans, around whose samurai characters most of the story revolves. There are other factions, as well, including Minor Clans, Imperial Families who serve the Emperor directly, and various holy orders, conspiracies and other groups. Each of the Great Clans embodies an ideal, serving a specific purpose in the Empire: The Crab - The Defenders The Crane - The Artisans The Dragon - The Mystics The Lion - The Warriors The Mantis - The Seafarers The Phoenix - The Magicians The Scorpion - The Villains The Spider - The Unknown The Unicorn - The Explorers You can learn much more about the Clans by going here....

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How do you play Legend of the Five Rings?

It depends on which of the L5R game products you mean. There is a Collectible Card Game, or CCG, in which you build a deck of collectible cards, then use it to fight against opponents and their decks. Depending on how you build your deck, you may win by crushing your opponent Militarily, by gaining so much Honor that you simply come to dominate Rokugan's politics, by manipulating and slandering your opponent so that he loses so much Honor that he ceases to be a contender for control of the Empire, or--hardest of all--by getting all five of the so-called Elemental Rings into play and winning by becoming Enlightened. The choice is yours! There is also an L5R Role Playing Game, or RPG, in which you and your friends assume the personae of Rokugani samurai and undertake perilous quests in the tumultuous world of Rokugan. A Game Master acts as a sort of "referee", posing challenges and adjudicating, using the rules of the RPG, the outcomes of your actions. Finally, there are various other L5R gaming products. For example, there is a board game called Ninja, in which you play stealthy ninja of the Scorpion Clan trying to outsmart and outmaneuver the vigilant guards of the Lion Clan. There is also an L5R-themed version of the award-winning "micro-game" Love Letter....

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Where can I learn more detail about Legend of the Five Rings and its various game products?

The most comprehensive place to learn more is at the main website for Legend of the Five Rings. You can also visit the Alderac Entertainment Group forums, where fans of all of the AEG games discuss their favorite products. You can also visit your "friendly local gaming store" (or FLGS). Many game stores carry Legend of the Five Rings products, and can also provide you with demo games. You can find stores by searching the list of L5R Stronghold stores, using the FIND STORE link at the top of the page. Joining the Imperial Assembly is also a good idea. An explanation of how to join is available here. Not only do you get access to the Imperial Herald, the subscribers-only portion of this website, and all of its cool articles, you can also get free stuff!...

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Are there tournaments for Legend of the Five Rings?

There are. Many local stores run their own tournaments; you can find an L5R Stronghold Store near you by clicking on the "Find Store" link at the top of the page. AEG also runs many official tournaments. These range from more elaborate tournaments run by local stores, to regional tournaments known as Kotei tournaments, to large tournaments at major events such as GenCon in Indianapolis, Indiana, in the USA, every August. For more information about major tournaments, check the official L5R product site, and also keep an eye on this site, the Imperial Assembly, where tournaments will be announced and their results posted. Speaking of results, while winners of tournaments often walk away with cool prizes, such as game products and trophies, many of the best tournament prizes involve the players's affecting the story of L5R. Tournaments will often allow the winner to make a choice that affects the story--for example, the winner of a tournament may be allowed to name one of the Clans, that will go on to fight and defeat a powerful opponent of the Empire; this will be featured in the regular L5R fictions, and also be reflected in the game itself. Sometimes winners get to name cards coming in future expansions to the game, or choose to which Clan a particular card will belong--the story prize possibilities are many and varied!...

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What\'s this about an L5R story, and fictions?

Legend of the Five Rings has the distinction of being the preeminent interactive game line. What this means is that the games, including the CCG and RPG, are affected by an ongoing story that began to be told almost twenty years ago. In turn, the games--in the form of official tournament results and the results of other major events--affect the story line. This synergistic, back-and-forth has resulted in a huge body of fiction telling the story of the Emerald Empire. This fiction is published in a variety of ways. You will find the newest fictions on this site, the Imperial Assembly. If you want to browse older works of L5R fiction, you can do so at Kaze no Shiro, an unofficial site hosting essentially all of the archived stories and run by some dedicated volunteers. There is also an Interactive Legend of the Five Rings novel underway. You can read more about this new and innovative aspect of L5R story-telling....

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