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Frequently Asked Questions

What are these So-Called Clans?

The Clans are the primary factions within Rokugan. There are nine Great Clans, around whose samurai characters most of the story revolves. There are other factions, as well, including Minor Clans, Imperial Families who serve the Emperor directly, and various holy orders, conspiracies and other groups. Each of the Great Clans embodies an ideal, serving a specific purpose in the Empire:

The Crab - The Defenders

The Crane - The Artisans

The Dragon - The Mystics

The Lion - The Warriors

The Mantis - The Seafarers

The Phoenix - The Magicians

The Scorpion - The Villains

The Spider - The Unknown

The Unicorn - The Explorers You can learn much more about the Clans by going here.