Legend of the Five Rings Oracle of the Void

Frequently Asked Questions

What\'s this about an L5R story, and fictions?

Legend of the Five Rings has the distinction of being the preeminent interactive game line. What this means is that the games, including the CCG and RPG, are affected by an ongoing story that began to be told almost twenty years ago. In turn, the games--in the form of official tournament results and the results of other major events--affect the story line. This synergistic, back-and-forth has resulted in a huge body of fiction telling the story of the Emerald Empire.

This fiction is published in a variety of ways. You will find the newest fictions on this site, the Imperial Assembly. If you want to browse older works of L5R fiction, you can do so at Kaze no Shiro, an unofficial site hosting essentially all of the archived stories and run by some dedicated volunteers.

There is also an Interactive Legend of the Five Rings novel underway. You can read more about this new and innovative aspect of L5R story-telling.